Mission statement

It’s often challenging for cultural organizations to build up relationships with audiences that truly reflect our contemporary society’s hyper-diversity. Invisible social and geographical barriers make it difficult for certain groups of individuals to feel connected to contemporary art, design or creative practices our cultural institutions offer.

We – a partnership of Belgian, Dutch, British and Macedonian cultural organisations – joined forces to address this socio-cultural challenge. In a two-year programme co-funded by Creative Europe, we will recruit and travel with an international network of young creatives. In each of our four cities (Bruges, Rotterdam, Brighton and Skopje), the creatives will artistically work on challenges formulated by each guest city. In everything we do, we keep our goal in mind: to break down barriers that hinder certain groups of people to participate in current arts and cultural initiatives. We seek to co-create and set up a structural exchange with these under-represented groups of young people.

Our learnings from the trajectory will not only benefit the creatives involved in the process, they will be of great importance to contemporary cultural organisations as well. We seek to pave the road to a more inclusive, socially and culturally more diverse cultural offering.

MAMA, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Het Entrepot, Brugge, Belgium

Fabrica Gallery, Brighton, United Kingdom

Public Room, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Creatief Europese unie

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