Co-art space Printlab is open

Written byWillem Roose -02/03/2019

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Het Entrepot opened its print-section of the co-art space “HET LAB” on the 2nd of March. The Printlab.

Hyperdruk poster

Het Lab as a co-art space

Het Printlab is part of the co-art space we’re building at Het Entrepot. It’s an open screen-, riso- and woodcutprinting studio for Bruges’ young creatives that are not catered by the traditional high-brow cultural programmes of the city.

Engaging young creatives in Bruges

With Het Lab, Het Entrepot seeks to engage young creatives who want to create a young vibrant, diverse, multicultural and multidisciplinary art scene in Bruges. Currently, many young creatives fail to find a place in the current local art-scene of Bruges which is mainly focused on attracting large numbers of tourists via prestigious projects and the history and heritage of the city rather than responding to the needs of the local young population. Consequently, many young artists move from Bruges to Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels or other bigger cities to access cultural possibilities that are more relevant to their lifeworld and artistic production.

HYPERDRUK : opening event

Hyperdruk was the opening event of Het Printlab. We had around 300 youngsters joining us for this event. We had 2 silkscreen workshops and 1 risoprint workshop. All workshops were fully booked very soon after we opened the reservations, indicating the large interest in these printing techniques in the Bruges’ creative scene.

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