Overlap #2: graphic design edition

Written byWillem Roose -06/01/2020

Image forOverlap #2: graphic design edition

We ended 2019 in Het Lab with a new OVERLAP mini-docu.

In OVERLAP, we invite 2 artists in Het Lab. They get one workday to make a piece of art, using the facilities of our Lab. In the previous edition, we had illustrators Charlotte Peys & Pieter Van Eenoge. You can re-watch their Overlap process here.

For this edition, we invited graphic designers Corbin Mahieu and Lennart Van den Bossche to our Printlab and let them do their thing. After being locked in the Printlab for about 10 hours, they came up with a beautiful series of pitchblack screenprints.

Our OVERLAP series is meant to inspire and motivate young artists to develop their artistic work in Het Lab, and take it a step further. By showing the creative process of upcoming and established artists, we encourage Bruges’ youngsters to be ambitious and daring in their artistic practices. Additionally, the series serves as a learning experience for members of Het Videolab, who are being coached in the process of filming and editing the docu’s.

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