Rotterdam 06/06 Workshop Benjamin Li

The 6th of June Rotterdam based artist Benjamin Li gives us an insight on his latest project all about identity, cultural heritage, integration and sense of home. All subjects we are dealing with within our OTP team as well.

“Different forms of identity, cultural heritage, integration and sense of home are important themes in the work of Benjamin Li. He finds inspiration in everyday life, social media and personal events. Li’s work functions as a mirror making use of stereotypes and existing misunderstandings.

Li is currently working on a large project investigating the origin of the Chinese community in the Netherlands, specifically focused on foodways and the development of the Chinese restaurant and its relationship to Dutch-Indonesian (food)culture.

In a previous work Li investigated communication and ways of looking to images in advertisements on different commodity markets. This resulted in a large database consisting of hundreds of conversations about the items he seemingly offered.

Li holds a BA in Pyschology and Photography. He graduated in 2016 from the master Media Design and Communication at the Piet Zwart Institute.”

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