How was my first phase of the OTP-project? – by Nikki Georgiou OTP Rotterdam

Written bythisismama -14/07/2019

Image forHow was my first phase of the OTP-project? – by Nikki Georgiou OTP Rotterdam

It has been five months already since the first meeting of the On the Point (OTP) team of Rotterdam and it has been a unique journey. I remember clearly the first meeting. In a room at ‘t Klooster eight passionate and creative individuals, with hyper-diverse backgrounds, were getting to know each other preparing themselves for a long journey together. I still remember my first feelings after that meeting. A feeling of excitement for the project and the group but also fear of how am I going to make it through as being the only international and while having an intermediate level of the Dutch language. Months passed by, people came and go, but this journey has been proved already nothing else but valuable.

I have come to understand and respect myself better, meet fascinating people, be inspired, enhance my creativity and knowledge, and improve various skills such as patience and collaboration. I feel grateful that I met these amazing eight individuals as well as gratitude that they were respectful by day-one eager to make me feel part of the group. I respect myself that I managed to cope with the project and the workshops, as 90% of the program is being held in the Dutch language. I valued all the workshops, as each one of them was targeting specific skills and practices aiming to introduce or enhance them. I enjoyed the trip in Bruges and I look forward to the next ones, as I had the luck to meet more amazing individuals with diverse cultures, collaborate with them, make experiences, have inspiring conversations, bordering my horizons, and add to my knowledge and skills. My highlights are the workshops of Annemarie and Teana by the OTP project in Rotterdam and the silk-print workshop in which I participated in Bruges. I found both of the workshops of Annemarie and Teana inspiring on how to evolve creatively and to overcome difficulties in order to reach your goals as well as focusing on notions like activism, solidarity, and collaboration. In addition, I enjoyed the silk-print workshop in Bruges as I was part of an awesome team while also acquire new skills and knowledge.

This project has multiple paths and is up to you to choose which and how many are you going to walk. I find interesting and challenging the opportunity to choose two, one for improving my expertise and one for trying something new and different. Thus, I involve myself in the group providing and enhancing my existing knowledge aligned to curation, coordination, and administration tasks as well as carry out an artwork. I find it challenging and exciting to be involved in the whole process of conceiving and realizing an artwork when usually I am in the position of admiring, promoting, and curating one. This sound installation is about how do people connect to a place through sound, if does sound plays a role on the choosing resident location of an immigrant, and how do important sound differentiations affect the residents of a district. The idea came from questioning how people connect with places and which are the elements that make them feel ‘home’. The outcome will be the creation of a soundscape that will represent Feijenoord district and comment on how do contemporary socio-economic challenges that arise in the district influence the life of the residents there.

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