Inspirational ‘tour of prair’ in Rotterdam

Written bythisismama -30/04/2019

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The 30th of April the Rotterdam On The Point-Group was part of a very special tour. This tour gave us insight in ‘houses of prair’ in our own neighbourhood. For some it was nothing new to others a very special experience.

We where guest in the Kocatepe Mosk and the Sri Nam Mandit Hindu Temple. Two houses of prair, totally different but very beautiful in their own way.

We started at the Mosk where we learned that this is actually an old school-building. ‘Ab’ ( I think his name is Abdoul gave us a tour threw the whole building. Most of the time we had to take off our shoes, which was lovely because there seemed to be carpet everywhere. We could ask him all the questions we wanted and got a little insight in the Moslim culture. Most stunning was the atmosphere, kind of magical with all these little tiles and a huge chandelier in the main space, very impressive.

After an hour we said or goodbye’s and walked for about 6 minutes to the other side of the street where we stood in front of the Hindi Temple. When we came in we where overload with all the coloured, twinkeling object and many, many statue’s and small object of worship. Beautiful. We were welcomed by the Hindi leader and he told os a lot about their culture and costums. After the introduction we were allowed to be part of the sacred rituals that included a lot of Hindi songs and rituals that was performed on two young Hindi woman that looked beautiful in a lot of colours and jewellery.

All together it was a day filled with unexpected beauty, other cultures and being able to create more understanding of each other. We take this inspiration with us in the further On The Point project.

-written by Ashley, member of OTP crew in Rotterdam

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