The Silent Intervention of the OTP Artists in Residence

Written byViktor Van Hoof -31/12/2020

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Our two On The Point artists in residence Lisette de Greeuw and Gijs Coenen have concluded their residency in Het Lab. Considering the current pandemic crisis, the trajectory and outcome of their engagement could not result in a full-blown exhibition. So that’s why we came up with:

The Silent Intervention

In the last week of 2020, Het Lab woke out of a pandemic wintersleep and reopened for a brief moment to welcome our OTP artists in residence. While visiting, Lisette and Gijs made a final work of art and articulated an artistic response to the outcome of the trajectory.

Gijs Coenen his current work is focused around the movement and interaction with sculptures and installations. His work functions as an interface to explore and create a physical connection to the object and each-other. The collective experience of playing with his installations, offer new ways of thinking about social engagement. The unforeseen Covid-19 pandemic obliges Gijs Coenen to rethink, reflect and research alternative meanings in this new contextual setting.

Watch his interview here: (in Dutch)

Lisette de Greeuw’s drive to systemize derives from her background in textile design and is heavily grounded in her art practices today. For her final intervention in Het Lab she wraps herself around a rule-based engraving system applied to the aluminum silkscreen frames.

TOOL TO THE ACTUAL WORK 01 becomes the measurement of the fictional origin. It lets the future workspace user question the core meanings and values to the act of silkscreen.

Watch her interview here: (in Dutch)

Co supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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