We’re Live! On The Point

Written by Willem Roose - 01/03/2019

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Welcome! On The Point is live!

We are a Creative Europe partnership between Het Entrepot (Brugge, Belgium), MAMA (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), Fabrica (Brighton, United Kingdom) and Public Room (Skopje, Macedonia).

On The Point is an 18-month transnational learning trajectory for young creatives.

Together, we will work on audience development. We’ll set up an international team of 20 young creatives. Together, we will produce 4 art/design works at specific sites in our 4 cities. Each work will be co-produced with local people and tasked with overcoming the geographical and social barriers to creative arts engagement that certain communities and marginalised individuals in our cities encounter.

On this website, we will communicate, contextualize and critique our project’s activities. Stay tuned.

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