Where is the Artist?

Written byWillem Roose -26/09/2019

Image forWhere is the Artist?

Where is the artist, 2019
All documentation pictures by Jakob Van den Broucke

In April 2019, a team of 20 international artists from The Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Macedonia gathered in Bruges to think about the role of art and the artist in smaller cities. 

“Where is the Artist?” is one of the artworks resulting from this gathering. Based on the famous “Where is Waldo?” concept, it is inspired by two sociological characteristics of Bruges. One: the fact that a lot of young artists that grew up in smaller cities like Bruges eventually move to cities that are being perceived as more artistically relevant. Two: one of Bruges’ essential characteristics, its mass tourism. We question the link between these two aspects of the city. The balance between world class heritage and contemporary art.

Posters were spread out in the city and flyers were handed out in the city centre. 

We still don’t know where the artist is in our small city.

A work by: Jakob Van den Broucke, Viktor Van Hoof & Alice Gompels

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