Review about workshop Teana Boston-Mammah by OTP member Nikki

Written bythisismama -29/05/2019

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Teana Boston-Mammah is a sociologist, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at Essex University (UK) and a Master of Urban Studies and Public Policy at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is particularly interested in notions of identity in an urban context. The first ten years of her career she worked as a teacher of sociology in London. In the Netherlands, she went on to develop her research and policy advising skills. She worked for over eleven years as a policy advisor / researcher for Scala, a non-profit expertise center for gender and diversity, in Rotterdam. – the 28th of May The Rotterdam OTP Group had a workshop with Teana.

OTP Rotterdam-Member Nikki tells us about the workshop:

There are moments in your life that you come across unique individuals. Individuals will inspire you, who will change you. Teana is this kind of person. Looking at her you realise that she is a passionate girl. Yes, a girl. She has managed to retain her inner child. She is passionate and a dreamer; a visionary eager to change the world, to make it a better place for everyone. She is an amazing person, successful, and with a great sense of humor, not forgetting to laugh.

Teana Boston-Mammah

The way she approaches her practice is also very distinctive, like her. She places you in a position of ‘pushing’ you softly to be confronted with an issue, a topic, and through her guidance, she aims to your true comprehension of it and your position against it. The road she takes you with is built on mutual respect and understanding while also by acknowledging your own uniqueness and the need of walking your own path of understanding she provides you with time and safety. At the end of the road, you are being embraced with feelings of calmness, relief and most importantly you feel motivated. Moreover, you have come a step closer in understanding you and in understanding individuals ‘different’ than you. In a way, it feels like having a session with your psychologist.

I feel more than lucky that I had the opportunity to meet and discuss with Teana. She reminded me how important is to have hope as well as that ‘simple’ people, people like me and you, have the power to make a difference. She reminded me the person I want to be.

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